Marcia Golub is a novelist, short story writer, and editor who teaches writing workshops at Writer's Voice in New York City. On this website you can find out about her fiction, read excerpts from her novels and essays on writing, and explore her suggestions for Topics to stimulate your muse.

Be sure to check out the Tips and Exercises from I'd Rather Be Writing, her book on writing (the basis for one of her workshops). Keep in touch and learn about upcoming events, classes, readings, publications.

People are invited to use material from this website, the author asking only that reprinted work be credited to Marcia Golub and links to excerpted publications, as well as this website, be provided.

"I have always imagined Paradise will be a kind of library"
Jorge Luis Borges

Selected Works

Secret Correspondence
A woman inherits her crazy uncle's diary and must decide if he was the shopping bag man he seemed to the world or the hidden saint she believed him to be.
Troubled writer starts to get threatening letters and phone calls from a character in her novel.
"The Child Downstairs"
Read an award-winning story by Marcia Golub
Writing about Writing
I'd Rather Be Writing
A humorous book of exercises, tips, and insights into the writing life.
The Writer's Diet
How to lose weight and gain pages.